fantasyhdfan?迪士尼乐园的五个部分?Smashwords Futanari Lust in Fantasyl

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Gabbie has come to in a dungeon she can't remember being thrown in, with no recollection of a trial, or even a crime. However, her jailers, three beautiful but menacing dark elves, believe her guilty of theft. These three nameless elves are, to Gabbie's shock, endowed with more than just malice and sadism: they have big male members hanging between their legs.
Bent on extracting a confession (or at least having some fun) with poor Gabbie, the dark elves waste no time "interrogating" her with the big "tools" that stand erect from their bodies. Will the sadistic but satisfying ministrations of those elf-shafts jog Gabbie's memory and extract a confession, or will Gabbie find herself overwhelmed with lust and carnal delight? Will she manage to escape her captors, or will she be left in her cell, awaiting another round of painful, yet pleasurable interrogation? Or do her captors merely want a plaything, with no interest in her guilt, innocence, or confession?
Contains graphic depictions of fantastical sex acts, including oral, vagina, and breast-worshipping sex with well-endowed t-girl elves. Also contains elements of dubcon/dubious consent, bondage, sadism, and punishment for a crime the protagonist may or may not have committed! Approx. 6850 words, intended for adults only.
“Keep her tied down?”
“For now. We can reconsider freeing her if she seems cooperative.”
Hands reached out and caressed Gabbie’s body. Fingers traced along her bare stomach and over her thighs. They barely touched her, but where their fingers traced over her skin she felt a strange excitement blossom. It was energizing, arousing. A chill ran through her body, and her skin rose up in goose bumps. She was afraid of what they would do to her, but also afraid of how she was reacting to their touch, their threats. Threats that sounded like they were also promises.
Gabbie found her voice as the three women loomed over her. As their phalluses engorged with excitement and vicious lust. Her throat was dry, but she had words, and they sputtered out in a very undignified way. But she was able to speak.
“W-w-wh-hwa… What are you going to, to do, to me? W-what did I do?” One of the elf women gave Gabbie a surprisingly gentle pat on the thigh. It felt condescending, somehow.
“Oh, don’t play coy, dear. You know what you did. We can talk about your confession in due time. For now, we’re going to have some fun…”
“But I didn’t—“
“No need to keep up the façade, dear. Now quiet or we’ll have to gag you, and we have gags that will still let us make use of that mouth. Better to cooperate, yes?”
Gabbie swallowed, and nodded.
“Good girl.”
Gabbie looked down to the bodies of the three dark elves. Their hairless loins were growing long, thick, turgid with a vicious kind of lust. She gulped again. As she watched those three elf dicks grow she felt something inside her grow with them. She felt twisted inside her belly. And she felt like she was melting between her legs. With that melty feeling came a sensation of swelling and heaviness.




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